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Since Tomorrow

Since Tomorrow - Morgan Nyberg The whole time reading this I was sitting on the "Do I like this or don't I " fence. I realize a good post apocalypse story makes you sit that fence. I mean, are we supposed to ENJOY a post Apocalypse world? Or should we view them as cautionary tale, Reader BE AWARE the potential ?

So, I am still here on my fence. I needed to see this story through to the end. I felt for the characters and the world they lived in. The world they created.I could see it, hear it, smell it. It was cold. I was satisfied as a reader of the story, and the end. Fitting.

I guess my one issue is how the story was written.And for the life of me I can't say more than that. I found it hard at times to simply read. But I do recommend it.

I needed to add one more thought.I realize in this world things are hard to come by. Like clothes it seems. I understand being covered in bits of plastic. But seriously, where are peoples pants? Do we forget how to make pants in the apocalypse? If we can fashion a poncho surely we can fashion some kind of pants.