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The Silmarillion
J.R.R. Tolkien, Ted Nasmith, Christopher Tolkien
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The Silmarillion - J.R.R. Tolkien, Ted Nasmith,  Christopher Tolkien

Just can't finish. 

Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy 3)

Blackout - Mira Grant This is the third and final book about Shaun and Georgette Mason. They were all about the truth. The truth is that the series is great social,political, and mad science commentary. I could go into the gory details, but I hate those kind of reviews. I can say that I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout each book.Each had its up and downs....on many levels. But I did not want to stop reading. And there were many times my heart was in my throat. If you like intrigue...if you like zombies...go for it, commit yourself to these three books.

Deadline (Newsflesh, Book 2)

Deadline - Mira Grant I think I liked this better than the first book.It kept me on the edge of my seat so to speak. More plot twists and turns. But the conspiracy gets deeper and deeper. Yes there are zombies, yes there is zombie violence.But I assure you there is much more to this series than random acts of zombie. Most definitely going to trot myself off to the bookstore to get the 3rd. I have to see this through to the end. I want to see what the author does.

Bone Orchard

Bone Orchard - Doug Johnson, Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi A friend got this on a free Goodreads giveaway. (I never win those). I was given this to read. She thought I might like it.But would not tell me anything about it.Well, I am not really going to say anything about it either. All I can say, its a great short read. Twisted. It goes in directions that you just don't see coming. To say anymore will just ruin the story.If you come along this books path, pick it up. You won't be disappointed.

Feed (Newsflesh, Book 1)

Feed - Mira Grant This is a well written, surprisingly fresh take on the world after zombies.Yes there are zombies. Yes there are zombie hordes. I think the whole take on news and news organizations is very relevant.We also have political intrigue and murder. I am not going to rehash the story. I will say the author pegs America as it is now and where we may be heading, zombie apocalypse or not. I am not sure if I like it.....I look forward the reading the next book in the series. Yes folks series. Be ready.

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files, Book 8)

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher And the plot thickens.....have to hit my friend of for the next books....must read more.....

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6)

Blood Rites - Jim Butcher another tasty Lays potato chip. A good quick read.

Death Masks (The Dresden Files, Book 5)

Death Masks - Jim Butcher I don't think 3 stars is really adequate...but 4 might be to many..how about 3.8 stars. These books are like Lays Potato Chips, you can't read just one. I still like that thus far each book is ONE story, with a beginning a middle and an end.I like the fact that characters and others...things are brought back time to time. ITs all intertwined. I am most curious to see how Mr. Butcher will bring this to a conclusion....there will be a conclusion at some point??

The Terror: A Novel

The Terror - Dan Simmons Historical fiction they say. A great story I say. We must remember that these ships were in lost in the Arctic in the 1840's. Think about that. Dan Simmons has used a tragic story from our past, and added...something more.We have the rosters from the ships, we know the names of the men that were the crew.Mr. Simmons handles all with the greatest respect.I was drawn into this frozen world and did not want to leave.It has terror, sadness and hope all tangled together. At points I was frightened, others grief stricken,and in the end, filled with hope.

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, Book 4)

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher I liked the story. Great action. Great characters. I want to read more. I like the fact that each story has a conclusion.I look forward to the next one.

Kill City Blues: A Sandman Slim Novel

Kill City Blues - Richard Kadrey Of all the books thus far, I found this to be...the weakest.Sandman Slim is...happy. I am not sure if I like him happy...I mean of course we want him to be happy, he has been in hell. But do we REALLY want him to lose that edge? But things are looking up and its not exactly a happy ending. And this is still one of my favorite series. If you want something different read it!! I will keep on reading as long as there is a Sandman Slim.

Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher Thus far I have enjoyed this one the most in the series. I like that each story has a beginning, a middle and an end, yet leaves Harry open to the next story. I actually find myself wanting to read the 4th book. With the first 2 I wasn't so sure I wanted to read on. But I listened to the friend who loaned me the books and am glad I did. Now I guess I have to have another affair with another series....its never ending!

Moon Of 3 Rings

Moon of Three Rings - Andre Norton I first read this in High School. I can't remember how many times I checked it out from the library. I thought it a most magical and wondrous story. A great blend of sci-fi and fantasy. I went on a quest of my own and found the exact library copy from the great evil Amazon. I read the book again a few years ago. I still love it and think its a most magical and wondrous story. You will never change my mind.
And through the joys of the interwebs I discovered 3 more books to follow!

Since Tomorrow

Since Tomorrow - Morgan Nyberg The whole time reading this I was sitting on the "Do I like this or don't I " fence. I realize a good post apocalypse story makes you sit that fence. I mean, are we supposed to ENJOY a post Apocalypse world? Or should we view them as cautionary tale, Reader BE AWARE the potential ?

So, I am still here on my fence. I needed to see this story through to the end. I felt for the characters and the world they lived in. The world they created.I could see it, hear it, smell it. It was cold. I was satisfied as a reader of the story, and the end. Fitting.

I guess my one issue is how the story was written.And for the life of me I can't say more than that. I found it hard at times to simply read. But I do recommend it.

I needed to add one more thought.I realize in this world things are hard to come by. Like clothes it seems. I understand being covered in bits of plastic. But seriously, where are peoples pants? Do we forget how to make pants in the apocalypse? If we can fashion a poncho surely we can fashion some kind of pants.

Ghost Road Blues

Ghost Road Blues - Jonathan Maberry Sometimes a horror story is the thing to read. And a horror story that'd drawn out into three books can't be all that bad ! I am attached to the characters and want to see them kick some terrible creature butt!

Invader: Foreigner 2

Invader - C.J. Cherryh Takes up right where the first one stops. No break in the story.And its just getting REALLY interesting.Onto the next one!